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Forgotten Posts
Originally authored April 1st 2017
Old Posts    Took a ride a few weeks back looking for some interesting photography opportunities. Ventured out a few back roads as I often do and made it clear by this scene before I decided to back up and place it in the viewfinder of my camera. Sometimes you wonder what story is behind a scene that forms in front of your camera. How long have these fence posts stood the test of time? The barbed wire has mostly succumb to the wear and tear that Mother Nature puts steel through each and every day but the posts stand firm. How many animals had walked within the confines of the enclosure over the years? Has the farmer that toiled for hours on end building the fence passed on or has he outlasted the rusting of the barbed wire before us? Just some of the things that you wonder as you press the shutter button to capture the scene you take in.......

Zazzle Design Transfer
November 1st 2019
Design Transfer    One of the nicest things about Zazzle is the ability to transfer a design you like from one product to another. Many times designers put the same design on a number of items but if you find they haven't put it on an item you are looking for, you can do it yourself. To do this, follow this short tutorial. Read more.....

Create Your Own Photographic Items
December 2nd 2019
Canvas Print    As I type this we are just weeks from Christmas 2019. Shopping is being done, presents are being bought, big meals and parties are being prepared for, cards are being sent, family photos are being taken, and everything else that goes along with the holiday season. Do you have a special photo you've taken through the year and think it would be the perfect addition to the family room or as a gift for a friend or family member? Here is the perfect opportunity to get that photo printed on one of many products for display in your home, office, business, or as a gift for that friend. Read more.....

Create A Decorative Key Holder
July 17, 2020
Key Rack    Now here into the summer months as we continue on in the middle of the so called covid-19 pandemic, it might be nice to get your mind on something else to help pass the time. How about a little do it yourself project that you can take in with the kids and have a useful and decorative item when you are done? Forever misplacing your keys as you come in the door and throw them who knows where? Here is a decorative solution to your missing key problem. Read more.....


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