Photography of landscapes, wildlife, structures, and more.

Rick Morgan    I'm Rick Morgan, owner of RMorgan Snapshots. I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania outside a small town called Smethport. Living in a rural area can be both a blessing and a curse. At times you can find things to take pictures of around every corner but then there are those times when nothing seems to look right or present itself. I enjoy the art/craft of photography and I am always learning something new or some how I can improve. I continue to look for those scenes that are deserving and wanting or needing to be captured.

    RMorgan Snapshots is my "brainchild" of sharing my love of photography with the masses. I've been taking snapshots for years but until Facebook came along I never really shared any of my pictures with anyone but my family and that's only if they happened into the room when I was looking at them. I enjoy photography and try to get out as much as possible to get some new photos I like and hope others will as well. I don't really have a set "genre" that I stick with but I most like photography of landscapes, wildlife, and structures. I hope you enjoy some of the captures I've happened upon along my travels and consider a purchase while you are here. Stop by my Facebook and Instagram feeds when you are done looking around here to take in some other photos and even say hello.

    May I leave you with a little advice and a few words. Always carry a camera with you. You never know when an opportunity for a great shot will present itself. And, "Always take the pictures today that will have been missed opportunities tomorrow..........."

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